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Advanced Water Caustics is a collection of highly realistic water caustic patterns. They include physically based chromatic dispersion for highest visual accuracy, from shallow water to deep water. For use as lightmaps/projector lights in 3D scenes. We did a lot of research to make them as realistic as possible. Each of the four sets contains two different versions and each version contains four different water depths. With a total of 32 loopable sequences, you will get a large quantity of patterns, that also can be combined to have even more variety. Without tiling or loosing detail in closeups, they cover a large area in a 3D scene.



Physically based chromatic dispersion.

Real world structures and movement.

Two versions in each set with different movement of the caustic pattern (directional and non-directional).

Each version includes four water depths (1,2,4 and 8m). Resulting in eight sequences per set and 32 sequences in total.

Size: 2048 x 2048 pixel

Format: exr 16bit float

Duration: 200 frames loopable


This set contains eight sequences of high quality ocean caustics.
You can download a free sample (one frame jpg from the 1mdepth version) here.


This set contains eight sequences of high quality pool caustics.
You can download a free sample (one frame jpg from the 1mdepth version) here.



This set contains eight sequences of high quality fishtank caustics.
You can download a free sample (one frame jpg from the 1mdepth version) here.



This set contains eight sequences of high quality miniature caustics. They are useful If you have small-scale scenarios or for lighting foreground (hero) elements in a scene. They are also useful as a kind of generic or 'all purpose' caustics.
You can download a free sample (one frame jpg from the 1mdepth version) here.




Question: How real are they?
Answer: They are not filmed but we made them as real as possible using real world references. These highly realistic sequences are probably the most advanced solution of artificially created caustic patterns commercially available. Even if your scene looks already good, it will add an ultimate sense of realism.

Question: Are they tilable?
Answer: No, but they're large enough to cover very wide areas in a scene. Besides this, underwater shots have strong DOF effect that makes tilable patterns almost unecessary.

Question: We like to make our shots looking unique. Does the use of prerendered patterns not make them all look the same?
Answer: No. The sets include a large amount of individual sequences that can be layered and altered to specific needs. The entire package includes 32 sequences, that also can be combined which each other. It gives you a very wide range of flexibility. Furthermore, the patterns are not supposed to be seen entirely by a camera. Usually you will use a certain area of them and project it on a surface or scene.

Question: Are the deep-water sequences just blurred versions of the shallow-water sequences?
Answer: They're not. In reality, the blurry look is due to light scattering within the volume (particles in the water) that causes more diffuse lighting in deeper waters. The caustic itself is due to the refraction of the media (air-water) and is varying with the depth, producing different structures in deeper waters. Try blurring the 1m depth version, it will not give the same look as the deep-water versions.

Question: Do the depths in meters (1,2,4,8 m) correspond to the real world?
Answer: They are close. We levelled them somewhere between 'physically reasonable' and 'usable look for CG productions', what they're intended for. So take the meter scale with a grain of salt.

Question: Are they usable for caustic simulation above a water surface?
Answer: Yes. Technically there is a difference between caustics beeing reflected (catacaustic) and beeing refracted (diacaustic). When reflected, a bump on a surface will produce an 'empty area' of light. When refracted (below water), the same bump will produce a concentration of light (a visible caustic pattern). However, the movement and overall appearance is nearly indistinguishable to a viewer. Our 'Adv Water Caustics' are designed to be used as both, refractive and reflective patterns (eg. reflection on a house wall or boat hull).

Question: Can I use them for other purposes than in 3D-scenes?
Answer: Whatever comes to your mind. We designed them primarily for use in 3D-scenes. But they might be useful for compositing and motion graphics stuff as well.


How to order:
We sell it through ShareIt from DigitalRiver. You can pay in other currencies. Prices are net from taxes.

We offer electronic download only. Due to the size of 8GB per set and 30GB for the complete package, we provide download via FTP.
You will receive your personal FTP login data within 24h after you did the payment. We provide a fast 100mbit/s download.
The Print Package is downloadable immediatly after the payment.

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